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Official opening of Anywide DSIC Flagship Store


The strategic cooperation of DSIC and Anywide Group was celebrated and the opening ceremony of Anywide DSIC Flagship Store was held on 26th April in DSIC. Yin Xuelin and Ding Yi, the leaders of DSIC, Guan Jian, the Chairman, and Lin Qiang, the Vice Chairman of Anywide Group, and also leaders from DSIC Steel Structure Co., Ltd and Anywide Business Management Co., Ltd attended the ceremony.

During the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, DSIC has launched the campaign of “I bring tangible benefits to the people”. Anywide DSIC Flagship Store is the result of cooperation between DSIC Steel Structure Co., Ltd and Anywide Group. It is located to west of Building 2# of DSIC Second Workshop’s Headquarter and has a floorage of 286m2. It used only 40 days to build, decorate, stock and operate the store. Both parties have bring benefits and convenience to staff working in the front line of shipbuilding day in and day out by building and operating Anywide DSIC Flagship Store.

During the epidemic period, DSIC’s brand masks were sold in about 150 stores of Anywide Group across Dalian, and they have safeguarded the physical health of Dalian people together and made remarkable contribution to prevention and control of COVID-19. In May 2021, “16.17” natural drinking water and hydrogen-rich water, the poverty-alleviation products of DSIC, will also be sold through Anywide Store. They will work together again and make contribution to the poverty-alleviation work.  

There will be a huge space for DSIC and Anywide Group to cooperate in infrastructure construction, sales of fast moving consumer goods and development of agricultural and sideline products in future. Steel Structure Co., Ltd, as the incubator for DSIC’s development of applied industry, will have deeper cooperation with Anywide Group and incubate more cooperative projects.

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