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Successful delivery of Type C LNG low temperature tank for the first global dual-fuel very-large crude oil carrier


On May 28, DSIC delivered 2x3500m3 Type C LNG low temperature tank for the first global dual-fuel very-large crude oil carrier built for COSCO Shipping Group successfully. Mr. Zhao Jinwen, Deputy General Manager of COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Baochun, Deputy General Manager of CCS Dalian Branch, Mr. Deng Changlian, Deputy General Manager of DSIC and relevant persons in charge joined in the delivery ceremony. 

The tank is a key supporting product developed by DSIC, which can meet the first global LNG powered VLCC in three phases of EEDI. DSIC has developed and designed it independently and organized technical team to break through many technologies such as processing and welding with special materials to make sure of successful development of Type C LNG tank. 9Ni steel is used as main material of the tank. The tank can work safely with combined effects of -163℃ very low temperature, water on deck and vessel dynamic load, and meet the demand of gas supply for a VLCC’s round voyage to the Middle East when carrying LNG in full. The tank can resist corrosion of excessive salt on deck and high humidity severe environment to fuel tank effectively and various performance indexes can achieve leading standard in the world, such as loading limit 98%, designed temperature -164℃, pressure 0.45Mpa and evaporation rate ≤0.3%. Successful delivery of the tank, means that DSIC has realized significant breakthrough to key technologies in the field of very large dual-fuel LNG low temperature tank. Meanwhile, to have research and development of gas carrier and LNG carrier well done, DSIC has given full play to its heavy industry advantages, developed independent research and development of LNG carrier low temperature Type B tank continuously and obtained outstanding innovative achievements. From 2018 to now, DSIC has completed tank type research and development and scheme optimization and submitted them to two classification societies, i.e. DNV and CCS for principle approval and GASA approval. 

It’s estimated that DSIC will obtain AIP authentication from the classification society in the first half of this year, and obtained independent intellectual property for Type B tank. In the future, DSIC will provide better LNG tank according to market demand, providing powerful support for research and development of gas carriers such as LNG carrier. Faced with the target of “reaching carbon peak in 2020 and achieving carbon neutral in 2060” promised by our country and scientific and technological reform brought  by a new round green revolution in shipping, DSIC will be committed to manufacturing of vessel low temperature LNG tank, improving industrial core competitiveness continuously, providing the whole industry chain service for customers and making efforts for realization of environmental protection target and energy structure transformation with our Equipment Company as the representative of heavy industry!

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